Why You Should Consider Colorbond Roofing

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Colorbond roofing is an Australian-made precoated steel sheet material manufactured by Bluescope Steel. The product was invented to address the problem of corrosion on corrugated steel roofing. Although corrugated steel roofing was tough and robust, it required constant painting with corrosion-resistant paint in order to maintain it.

Colorbond roofing is made from Bluescope Steel’s patented Zincalume and then covered with a highly resistant coating that can remain corrosion-free for more than 30 years without any additional maintenance required.

Zincalume, which forms the core of Colorbond roofing, is made from layers of steel, aluminium, zinc and silicon – which has excellent corrosion resistant properties itself.

Here are some of the main advantages of using Colorbond roofing and why you should consider it for your next project:

Corrosion Resistant

Colorbond roofing can not only repel regular levels of rust from moderate weather conditions with ease, but it can even withstand corrosion from torrential downpours, seaside mists, heavy humidity, and even acid rain.

Not even fire can hurt it since it is non-combustible and has flame retardant properties.

Extensive Warranty

Colorbond manufacturer BlueScope Steel offers a 36-year warranty on Colorbond products from the installation date against perforation by corrosion from weathering caused by natural elements.

For perspective, this is longer than the repayment period of most mortgages. Few people ever even live in the same house for this long. The company is clearly confident that its product will last.


Colorbond roofing is really lightweight and doesn’t absorb or retain any water after rain, which can make some other roofing materials heavier than usual after a shower.

Heavy roofing can put a strain on the walls, foundations and roof framing of your house. Over time, this might develop cracks and might require refurbishment or replacement – which can be expensive.

Lightweight roofing can extend the life of your house by reducing the strain placed on the structure.

Aesthetic Variety

Colorbond roofing comes in a wide array of colour options to suit the look of your house. There are also several different profiles to choose from so that you can pick the one that best suits the architectural style you’re going for.

What’s more, unlike roof tiles, sheeting such as Colorbond roofing has excellent spanning properties that give building designers more freedom to be creative with the shape of the roof.

Energy Efficiency

Colorbond is coated with a technology called Thermatech, which enhances the heat reflective properties of the Zincalume core. This contributes to reduced cooling costs for your home.

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