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How To Design A Chic, Cosy Outdoor Living Space

Monday, May 30th, 2022

Outdoor living spaces are a big part of our Australian lifestyle, but it’s not always easy to know how to create a good looking, cosy outdoor, undercover living space. An alfresco area in your home boosts your quality of life and your property value simultaneously ‒ win win!

Whether it’s a wrap-around patio or a single space that connects with your backyard, you can make it your special relaxation, entertainment and family space. Here are our top tips for you, from planning and decor to polycarbonate roofing ‒ we’ve got it all covered.

First Steps First

Start by looking and taking notes: What is the best view from the planned outdoor space? What is the sun’s path during the day? Take note of where it would possibly be positioned at your most popular outdoor space usage times.

Have you decided on all the uses you would want your outdoor, undercover space to provide? Entertaining with dining, relaxation alone or with family, an outdoor cinema or a hobby space ‒ or all of the above?

To differentiate the space from your interior space without disconnecting it, we recommend blurring the division between indoor and outdoor.

Bring elements of the interior outdoors, such as art, colours and/or style and bring a bit of the garden into the space too without clogging the space. If you use polycarbonate roofing, then you will not need huge big columns to hold it up as you would with terracotta tiles. Slim, elegant timber uprights will suffice or none at all if a beam can span the space.

And don’t forget the lighting. Nights in this space will be wonderful so pay attention to quality lighting, not harsh, cheap lighting. It really is the clincher.

Design The Space

Your covered outdoor space should protect you from rain and peak sun. A ceiling below the polycarbonate roofing will insulate the space and look elegant, or use timber latte poles to clad the underside for a textured, more relaxed aesthetic.

You could plant beautiful creepers such as Jasmine or granadilla at the base of the timber uprights.

Plan the different functional areas and map them out, depending on what functions you decide on. Plan the lighting positions, artwork on walls and positions for pot plants.

Outdoor Furniture

Once you have decided on the function of the space, you can then choose the right type and quantity of furniture. If you have a massive amount of space wrapping around the house, you can consider bulky furniture. Otherwise, select a more lightweight conservatory style. For seating zones, add an outdoor rug, side table, coffee table and one or two non-fragile art pieces on horizontal surfaces.

Cosy Comfort

No matter what function you have decided on, focus on the coordination of soft furnishings, lighting and accessories. This will make the area feel welcoming as opposed to a dumping site for unused furniture. Note: Always choose outdoor, weatherproof fabrics.

Good lighting and well-chosen textiles will turn your alfresco space into an asset to you and the property value. And don’t forget to have fun! Consider strings of lights which come in such a variety nowadays. They add a wistful touch that is linked to the outdoors globally. If you don’t have lights in your garden, add some solar lights. Foliage with uplights at night makes for a great view.

Pot Plants

Select pot plants and pots that look like they could be used indoors. Large-leafed rubber plants are always a hit. Avoid plants that are too expansive, like palms, unless you have massive amounts of space to ensure they don’t overcrowd the area. Put similar plants and pots indoors by the doors that lead to the alfresco area to create a visual connection. Consider tall pot stands to lift the foliage to the eye line.

A Focal Point

Every area needs a focal point, and your outdoor undercover space will need one as well. A statement wall or statement piece can serve that purpose, but it could also be a magnificently landscaped and lit garden!

A striking fabric on a couch or sofa pod, a unique bench or a statement colour on a wall with artwork will all work well.

Playful Elements

The outdoor space should always have the aim of being less formal than the interior and, subject to your personal choice, have lots or a few fun elements.

Install a small water feature near the space for sounds reminiscent of a stream, a swing on the edge of the outdoor space (the beam will need to carry that load) or a swing chair. Get a projector that can show outdoor movies on one of the alfresco area’s walls or have quirky table lanterns that cast interesting shadows.

Let your personality show and own that wonderful extension to your home.

Are you eager to create your outdoor living space? Start today by contacting our team of polycarbonate roofing experts to choose your roofing specifications.

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