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Skylight Or Roof Window – Which Should You Choose?

Monday, September 27th, 2021

There is a common perception amongst property owners that there are only fixed or opening skylights. That’s understandable as there are 10’s of thousands of products on the market and only a specialist, like us, can possibly know them all.

We love VELUX skylights and roof windows because they work supremely well. These options flood your interior with natural light and allow fresh air through the roof with excellent guarantees and superior aesthetics.

Ready to order your VELUX skylight or roof window?

Here are the differences to consider when ordering:

Versatility Of Skylights and Roof Windows

If your roof pitch is particularly flat, a skylight can be mounted on a raised section (sometimes called a curb) for waterproofing needs. A roof window cannot be used as its installation must be on the same plane and orientation as the rest of the roof surrounding it. The pitch must also be a minimum of fifteen degrees. Skylights have more features which make them more versatile.

Roof Access

In the VELUX ranges, all the venting skylights only open a limited amount, adequate for good airflow but not for exit or entrance of a person. A roof window opens wide to give you access to a roof with some versions qualifying as egress exits. For roof or balcony access, a roof window is the best choice.

Hard-To-Reach Installations

VELUX roof windows are manually operated products that suit an in-reach application, whereas the skylight range operates using solar or electrical power as well as a manual option. The solar and electric options can be operated with remote controls or a hard-wired switch. The manual version is supplied with a sturdy, long reach rod.  A skylight is a good choice here.

Flat Roof Installation

The roof window needs an installation pitch of a minimum of fifteen degrees, so a skylight is the only choice. The Flat Roof Skylight works perfectly in roofs with pitches between zero degrees and sixty degrees. Another option is the Flat Roof Exit Skylight which is great for installation in a roof pitch of up to fifteen degrees.

The Incorporation Of Blinds

Luckily for property owners, both the VELUX skylights and VELUX roof windows can use VELUX blinds. The skylights are compatible with the majority of the blinds in the range, and the roof windows can accommodate the manually operated blind options.

Now you have some guidelines; you can discuss the size requirements with your architect or roofing specialist relative to your roof design.

To finish the creation of a perfect house exterior and interior design, order VELUX Skylights today. Contact our team of experts for guidance and let the light into your life.

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