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Why Corrugated Roofing Sheets Are Better Than Flat Sheets

Thursday, February 24th, 2022

Corrugated roofing sheets are a common choice when selecting a resilient roofing option for your home or business. The popularity of this choice has withstood the test of time as it has many benefits to offer.

Have you ever wondered why the sheets are corrugated and why this option continues to be popular? Read on to find the answers.

  1. Corrugations Increase The Strength Of Roofing Sheets

Adding corrugations to a sheet of metal effectively strengthens the sheet and increases its rigidity. This increases the span over which you can erect corrugated sheets without them bending. So, installing corrugated roofing over a well-constructed support system will provide a robust and durable structure suitable to withstand all adverse weather conditions. Storms, hail and heavy rain are no match.  

  1. Corrugate Roofing Sheet Can Expand And Contract

As with all metals, roofing sheets will expand when heated and contract when cooled. This range of movement is problematic on flat sheets and would often be the cause of leaking roofs.  The way that corrugated roofing sheets overlap provides some leeway for some movement during contractions and expansions, making such roofs less susceptible to damage.

  1. More Efficient At Draining Water

Rain falling on a corrugated roof drains far quicker and more completely than off a roof with flat roof sheets. Generally, a corrugated roof is far less likely to develop leaks over time as the water has no opportunity to collect; instead, it is efficiently dispersed.

In addition, when fitting the roof, the holes for the fasteners are drilled through the top of the corrugations, effectively reducing the likelihood of water leaking through the roof.

  1. More Aesthetically Pleasing

As the profile of a corrugated roof has ridges and lines, it creates a visually appealing finish. This stylish option also comes in various colours, so it is possible to select the best option to suit the application and surroundings.

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