Why You Need An Openable Skylight

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There are many ways to freshen up and revitalise an area of the home, but an openable skylight is sure to impress all members of the family and has multiple benefits. Most openable skylights differ from regular skylights as they hinge at the top and are able to open a sizable amount of centimetres to allow for air circulation. This can especially be advantageous for small stuffy rooms such as attics to create an easy airflow.

Aesthetic Benefits Of Openable Skylights

Openable skylights are particularly appealing as they can brighten up an area in the home as well as increase air circulation. They will be a wonderful feature in the summertime to allow a cool breeze to flow through your home. Openable skylights are particularly special to impress visitors as they have a kind of novelty that is rarely found in such functional installations. They are also a great way to save wall space for shelving or art as they let in ample light, so fewer windows will be needed.

Functional Benefits Of Openable Skylights

Openable skylights are superior to fixed closed skylights because in the summer months, the radiant light coming through a skylight can become very intense, making a room feel very hot. If the skylight is openable, cool air can be let in and this problem will be solved. On the other hand, in winter, skylights allow more sunlight into a room, creating a warmer environment inside. Therefore, keeping skylights closed can be an economical investment as you will need to spend less money on interior heating. This is also environmentally friendly and can lower your carbon footprint.

Natural sunlight has been shown to improve your mood and positively impact your mental health. A contributing factor to this is the increased levels of vitamin D you get from sunlight, which is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle. In addition, the fresh air that an openable skylight can let in has also been shown to improve blood pressure, strengthen your immune system and reduce stress.

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