Why Velux Skylights Are Superior In Sydney

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A skylight is a stunning installation to any property, which can be practical as well as aesthetically pleasing and is sure to impress all. Velux skylights in Sydney are an excellent choice as they are extremely durable and resistant to heat. Let’s delve into why they are superior.


Velux skylights are world-renowned for being one of the best and most durable skylights on the market. They are resistant to cracking, warping and shattering and can withstand severe weather conditions, like Australia’s hail. Velux skylights are one of the only brands of skylights that have passed the hail test and can allow you to have peace of mind about the condition of your skylight during a hail storm.


The other challenge to Australian skylights is the extreme heat temperatures. Sunlight can pass through the glass of a skylight and make a room unpleasantly hot. Glass can also become warped or brittle when subject to constant heat. Velux skylights are designed to have an insulating effect so homes will not get as hot. These skylights are also openable, allowing airflow into a room and creating a cooling effect.

Lifespan Of Velux Skylights

Velux skylights will last about 20-30 years when accounting for customary weather patterns and wear and tear of roofing. Although the skylight may still be in perfect condition after 30 years, a replacement is advised to ensure the skylight is safe and up to date with current technologies. The best time to replace a skylight is when you reroof your house. When reroofing occurs, the skylight will most likely be jostled about, leading to leakages. Replacing the skylight when you reroof will also save you money as it can all be done in one job, thus reducing labour costs.


Many homeowners are reluctant to install a skylight as they are often known to leak water. But this is old technology. Velux skylights do not leak as they come with three layers of water protection as well as a 10-year installation and product warranty and 20-year glass warranty.

If you want to add Velux skylights to your property in Sydney, contact us at Roofing Supermarket for all your roofing needs as well as excellent customer service!

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