Why Should I Have Velux Skylights Installed?

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Many homeowners in and around Sydney have, for a long time, overlooked traditional skylights as simply roof windows. However, installing Velux skylights goes beyond the mundane. There’s a “complicated” art to their installations.

Velux skylights are traditional skylights that allow direct natural light to flow into homes which is great when you want to cut down on energy usage, especially during the day. These fixtures are designed from a sturdy glass or a robust plastic with the ability to withstand different Australian weather conditions and other sources of impact. One thing to pay attention to is that the glass in these Velux skylights is far different from that of windows due to tinting, helping them to create a barrier with direct sunlight.

Due to the complexities involved with installing Velux skylights, a professional roofer must perform the task – by all means, avoid any DIY projects with your skylight installations.

The brand Velux is known for its conventional yet reliable skylights that come in a range of styles, shapes, and designs. Australians have trusted Velux for over 85 years, which proves the quality and reliability of these skylights.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of installing Velux skylights.


One of the major benefits of choosing Velux skylights, particularly with integrated solar energy cells, is that they can help reduce the cost of heating and cooling bills in your home. Primarily because they allow sunlight into your home with the function of opening windows for ventilation.

With some of the latest models, Velux skylights also offer superior protection against harsh elements. Depending on the one you choose, you can opt for a skylight with a sensor that triggers the skylight to close automatically during wet weather. Many of them also come with remotes that make opening and closing your skylight to your convenient. Additionally, some come with blinds that are easy to operate as well.

With just one Velux skylight installed in your home, you’re saving on energy bills and the cost of additional blinds for your skylight.

Aesthetics And Health

As mentioned, skylights are a great source of allowing natural light. This means that not only will your home improve the appearance and function of your home, but it will increase the value of your home in the event you want to sell your property. The more sunlight entering your home, the more health benefits you will reap—the natural sunlight, coupled with improved airflow and ventilation, will decrease allergens.

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