The Design Impact Of Corrugated Metal Roofing In Interiors

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Corrugated metal sheeting and roofing has been a stalwart of architecture for centuries. Originally designed as a cost-effect roof cladding, it has now firmly positioned itself as a style icon and, more currently, as an environmentally friendly product. From humble cottages to award-winning designer homes, corrugated roofing sheets are popping up all around the globe.

Let’s look at the diversity of this amazing product.

What Is Corrugated Roof Sheeting?

Corrugated roofing was originally known as corrugated iron. In the industrial revolution of Britain, its creators patented it in about 1830 and expanded across the globe to British colonies such as Australia, India & South Africa. Its popularity and durability meant it found its way to the frontiers of the Americas as well.

The gold rushes, colonisation and diamond rush carted this product to the far corners of the globe.

Today, you will find cutting technology embedded into Colorbond products such as Lysaght’s CUSTOM ORB® (the famous BlueScope Lysaght). Technology has extended the durability, strength, insulation factors, colour options and versatility of applications.

For techno-geeks, you might like to know that the ZINCALUME® aluminium/zinc/magnesium alloy coated steel is compliant with AS 1397:2011 G550, AM125.

Design versatility is taken to the next level with the CUSTOM BLUE ORB® easy curving ability that doesn’t distort or damage the final coating finish. It has a minimum curving radius of 300mm (400mm in Victoria).

Corrugated Roofing

Sheets In Interiors

Corrugated sheet metal is a beautiful product that contrasts the masculinity of the metal with the feminine curves of the corrugation.

It can be used as a screen divider for a dressing area, a feature wall to hang a full-length mirror on or a striking headboard in a bedroom design plan. Create a chic, elegant-industrial style by combining copper piping features or pristine, oil-sealed timber.

The lightweight and heat resistance of corrugated roofing sheets means they can be used in myriad applications. For example, use it as a drywalling substitute, and you will not have to paint those walls.

Clad your fireplace chimney wall, create warehouse-style sliding doors, or use an open, double volume exposed roof design that displays the corrugations for a dramatic impact.

This product is no longer confined to the interiors of rustic interior design. It sits in and is used extensively in uber-contemporary, super-chic homes.

Another area in the home where this product excels functionally and aesthetically is in kitchens. With the superior bending ability of the CUSTOM BLUE ORB®, striking kitchen islands can be clad even if there are curves.

To start the creation of a striking, award-winning interior design plan, order corrugated roofing today. Contact our team of experts for guidance. From kitchens to front porches, there is a perfect product waiting for you.

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