Maintaining Your Corrugated Roof

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Metal corrugated roofing is a popular roofing choice because it doesn’t necessarily require a lot of maintenance. It might cost more or less the same as asphalt shingle roofing per square meter, but it boasts significant benefits over such roofing options.

Corrugated metal roofing is lightweight, which puts less stress on the structure beneath it, thereby reducing structural maintenance costs over the years. It also means that it’s far easier and quicker to install, which also saves money. Moreover, it has energy efficiency benefits in that it reflects heat well, thereby reducing interior cooling costs.

It’s fire-resistant and really difficult to dent or damage and, depending on the type of corrugated metal you buy and the coatings you apply, it can be extremely resistant to corrosion as well.

Although metal corrugate roof maintenance is minimal, there are some things you should consider to ensure that your roof stands the test of time.

Keep The Roof Clean

Keeping your corrugated roof clean from leaves, sticks, mud or any other kind of muck will not only keep it looking nice but will prevent any premature corrosion from occurring. Although your roof will likely be treated against corrosion, it can still develop issues –  especially around joins or bolts – if left uncared for.

Moreover, while the roof might not rust, algae and mould can potentially grow in corners that are not regularly cleaned.

Keep The Gutters Clean

Gutters and drains blocked from fallen leaves and other debris can cause flooding on the roof around the edges. When water pools on the roof around clogged gutters and is left this way, corrosion can occur even though it’s been treated. It will take some time before you notice it but, if it’s not dealt with, the lifespan of the roof will be reduced.

Regular Integrity Inspections

Although it’s really difficult to dent a corrugated metal roof – especially if you have one of the thicker gauges – dents and damage can still occur. If there are new dents on your roof, it’s important to determine the cause and deal with it before further damage can occur. Whatever has dented your roof might pose a significant danger to the integrity of the roof in future.

For example, perhaps a tree branch fell on it from a nearby ageing tree. Therefore, you should consider removing the tree that caused the damage – or at least cut it back – lest it causes a total collapse in future.

Identifying dents or bends in the sheeting could help you identify structural weak spots that could indicate structural damage under the surface as well – perhaps to the roof frame itself.

Regular visual inspections will also help you identify and address problems such as loose rivets and fasteners, loose flashing connections or perished seals which could lead to leaks.

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