Boost Your Family Health With Velux Skylights In Sydney

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Natural light gives different people different benefits, from helping people see a path and improving a photoshoot to enhancing the wall and fabric colours in your rooms. What is the same for all people is that natural light has significant physical and mental health benefits. So if you have a room that is dull and dreary, then add Velux skylights and boost the health of your family (or staff) in Sydney.

All Year Natural Light

A room that is “ok” with light levels in summer can become gloomy and depressing during the long winter months. This is so easily rectified when you choose a skylight. There’s a size and budget option to suit every home, hotel, office or retail store.

Not only is natural light better for your health, but fluorescent light is detrimental to your health. A survey of more than 1600 employees reported that natural light near the desks and exterior views was their number one need at work. This heavily outranked a gym and childcare facility at work.

Health Benefits From Natural Light Via Skylights

Here are the top health benefits you can get from a simple installation of market-leading Velux Skylights in Sydney:

Vitamin D Spa Treatment

When standing in natural light, you are giving yourself a fabulous spa treatment of Vitamin D. This is not something to be scoffed at because this vitamin is a critical component for bone building, heart health, weight stabilisation and cancer risk reduction.

By boosting your natural light exposure, even indoors, you boost your physical health substantially.

Seasonal Mental Health

Before winter rolls in or out, duller days precede and follow it. As natural light scales down, so will your mental health, so maximising its access to your interior is very important to uplift your family’s mood, tenacity and concentration.

Seasonal changes to mental health are so profound that a disorder has been formally recognised: Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) which affects over 1.6 million people in Australia alone (474 million worldwide).

A lesser affliction is a milder version of SAD is referred to as the ‘winter blues’. It is not as severe and therefore does not carry a ‘disorder’ label; however, it can affect individuals daily and cause 1 to 2 bedridden days per month. It affects 3.8 million Australians annually. (1.1 billion worldwide)

Quality Of Sleep

Sleep, and lack of it, can have huge positive and negative effects on individuals. The more natural light you are exposed to every day, the better your sleep will be. Of course, you should also avoid caffeine and digital equipment before bed, exercise, eat healthily and keep a sleep routine.

Fluorescent Lighting Risks

Obviously, the more natural light you have, the less unnatural light you will require. If that unnatural light is fluorescent, then you should try to access natural light as much as possible.

Fluorescent tubes are generally seen as safe. However, in some individuals, it triggers a heightened stress response, can cause mild to severe headaches and generally heightens fatigue and lowers stamina.

A broken fluorescent tube can also emit mercury, which is highly toxic!

How To Access More Natural Light

Here are our tips for showering you, your family or your staff with beautiful sunshine and natural light.

Skylights In Sydney

Skylights are the most obvious way to get natural light into your interior. You can place them in different positions on your roof to maximise the light. Opening skylights double as a brilliant ventilation option in summer as well.

Skylights also give you a beautiful view of the sky, so if your windows don’t have a view of nature, then skylights bring in that critical view factor which enhances everyone’s mental health and immune systems.

Skylights also come with blinds that can be shut so you can benefit from releasing heat from your interior while blocking heat access on days that need that.

Wall Hung Mirrors

Mirrors reflect light and can cast it across into dark spots or generally enhance the interior’s light levels. The larger the mirror, the greater the amount of light reflected with the bonus of a bigger looking room.

Stacking Space For Curtains

Curtains transform a room in a way that few other decor elements can, but if they do not have sufficient stacking space, then they will stack into the window space and block a percentage of the light.

If you have automatically operated curtains or blinds, you could program them to open at specific times in the morning (with your alarm) in order to benefit your circadian rhythm by waking with daylight.

Boost your family or staff health with top-quality Velux skylights in Sydney and boost your property value simultaneously. Browse our Velux range online or contact us today.

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