VMZINC is an extremely durable, sustainable, traditional metal sheet roofing, cladding, rainwater systems and interior applications. VMZINC requires little to no maintenance and typically lasts 70 to 100 years. VMZINC material is almost 100% pure zinc (99.995%) with the mandatory traces of titanium, aluminium and copper to add mechanical strength. Zinc is extremely durable and resilient due to its natural protective patina which self heals minor imperfections and continues to renew itself upon simple exposure to rainwater, oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Zinc is renowned for its beautiful natural matte grey texture. VMZINC offers 8 surface finishes in both natural and pre-weathered options.

Surface Finishes

VMZINC offers the widest range of zinc surface finishes. There are 8 zinc surface finishes readily available that includes both natural and pre-weathered finishes. These include Natural Mill Finish as well as the recently introduced Azengar which is the first textured/engraved zinc on the market. This is a natural zinc finish with no surface coating that will keep its beautiful natural texture over time. This finish would be great for this project and recent references are attached. The Pre-weathered surfaces include the light grey Quartz-zinc, Black Anthra-zinc, and 4 Pigmento Colours which are Autumn Red, Ash Blue, Lichen Green, and Brown. VMZINC also has the unique ability to custom make Pigmento Colours suit the design of your project. Call Us Today (02) 9317 4190

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